Tiree, 7 August 1883 - Donald Macfarlane

DONALD MACFARLANE, Cottar, Balamartin—examined.

33691. Sheriff Nicolson.
—You have a paper to submit?
—I have. Some thirty-two years ago I had a croft at Hillipool, before it was cleared for a sheep farm for the factor's nephew. The last year I had the croft, the factor tilled the third part of it for his own use, without even telling me that it was to be done. I paid the rent in full from Whitsunday till Martinmas, and the factor's crop growing in it. If I would say anything against the factor's doings I was in danger of losing all I had. I then
lost the whole croft and got another holding in Balamartin, for which I was charged twice as much rent as the tenant that had it before me. Shortly after I gave it up, as it would not pay at such high rent. My house is still on the holding, but the present tenant is against its being there, and is determined to have it out of his way.
—DONALD M'FARLANE, Balamartin.

—"We, the undersigned, beg to state that our grievances are very similar to the above, and that we have been wrongfully evicted for no other reason but to make room for the factor's nephew. Afterwards it fell into the factor's own hands, who had it until his death.
Other fifteen families were evicted from Hillipool at the same time, and for the same reason as the above.

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