Tarbert, Argyll, 26 December 1883 - Archibald Currie and John Macalister


46692. The Chairman.
—I have received a letter signed by Archibald Currie and John Macalister, requesting me to give thern an opportunity of exposiug some grievances in connection with the imposition of taxes upon property in this place. Will you state as shortly as you can what is the nature of your grievauce?
—[Mr Macalister]. The grievance is that we are not evenly assessed.

46693. Whose fault is that?
—It will be the tax-gatherer in not valuing the house according to size.

46694. Does that refer to houses of all kinds ?
—Yes. If we would be regularly assessed according to size, the house would be measured and we would not be so heavily assessed as we are here.

46695. Are you treated differently here from the way in which people are treated in other places ?
—I do not look to other places at all. What we are looking at is our own place.

46696. Our duty is to inquire into the condition of crofters and cottars and everything that affects them. I do not think that this complaint falls within the limits of our duty?
—I think there should be a man from Government to go and assess the people according to the size of their property.

46697. That is a general question relating to the assessment of property of all kinds ?
—Of all kinds.

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