Lochaline, 11 August 1883 - Joseph Clement Gordon

JOSEPH CLEMENT GORDON, Drimnin—examined.

36798. The Chairman.
— Do you wish to make any statement ?
—It was stated that the houses and improvements were not paid for when the tenants left, which is not correct, as I have documents in the house to prove that I hold the receipts for the houses and improvements. They were all paid for. The houses were paid for when they left. There were three tenants, and all three were paid for their houses; and the improvements were done by my mother's money. She borrowed money, and the people were paid wages for these improvements.

36799. What was the name of the place?
—The island of Oronsay. That is the only thing in the evidence I have to say anything against. They were paid for by Government money.

36800. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—They were done by the tenants themselves, and paid for ?

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